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During the cold winter season, we usually suffer from icy hands which is quite uncomfortable for all of us. An easy solution for this is the hand warmer apart from a decent pair of gloves. Being extremely convenient to use, these products help to warm your hands within a few seconds only which means that you need not spend your day with numb fingers. It is natural that you like to go for the best hand warmer available out there, and for this reason, we have mentioned this useful guide to choose hand warmers.

Let us take a look at the types of hand warmers available on the market at present:

The first type happens to be the reusable hand warmer which is ideal for those people who would like something to last throughout the cold months and perhaps for several years after that. In most cases, it is essential to drop the hand warmer in a container of boiling water for several minutes once the heat becomes exhausted. Nevertheless, make it a point to go through the instructions meticulously since this will differ from one brand to another.

One more option is charcoal about which many of us are not yet aware of. Although these types of hand warmers might appear to be a bit odd, they are able to keep your hands warm for at least 10 hours or so, depending on the size of the product and the brand. They are available in both disposable and reusable formats, and it is up to you to pick the one which is appropriate for you.

The third type of hand warmer is the rechargeable hand warmer which is powered by a USB stick or batteries. They are able to keep your hands warm for a considerable period of time spanning several hours. Although the time needed for charging these devices can vary from brand to brand, it usually takes only a brief period of time to charge them fully so that they can be used once again.


Lastly, we are going to mention the classic gel hand warmer which is perhaps the most popular type at present. Being available in both disposable and reusable formats, these hand warmers include a metallic disc at the center which has to be bent for activation till a popping sound is emitted by the disc. In this way, the gel becomes activated and the hand warmer is heated up to make your hands comfortable. Moreover, you need to put these into boiling water just like the reusable type so that it can be used once more.

You will come across different models on the market at present, and the most in-demand ones happen to be Zippo Handwarmer, HotHands Handwarmer, Peacock Handwarmer, and Whitby Handwarmer. It is up to you to perform adequate research prior to selecting the appropriate brand to satisfy your requirements.

In a nutshell, it can be rightly asserted that these are awesome products which will certainly live up to your expectations when it comes to keeping yourself warm and comfy in chilly climate. Although it is a challenging task to pick the proper brand, going through online reviews from the previous users will help you to make the correct decision. You may also ask your buddies as well as your relatives for their recommendations on selecting the appropriate hand warmer for you.