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Adhesive application or gluing process is important to connect components. This is not simple task since the process will determine the quality of products. When the gluing process does not run well, the components can be dissembled and broken since the glues or adhesives cannot maintain the shapes and connections between parts or components. Of course, it is more than just strength of the glue, its speed should also be good when it is for manufacturer or industries.  In order to get satisfying results in applying the adhesives or glues, Robatech provides 3600 Gluing as the great technology to support the gluing process.

Precise Application of Adhesives


In industries that require the adhesive application, precision is very important. The glue or adhesive should be applied in certain positions accurately. With the low accuracy, it will affect the quality of products. Then, the processes will be repetitive since these involve large production scales. When it still uses the manual methods, it will be less effective and even it will be hard to get precision in applying the adhesive. That is why Robatech provides the 360o Gluing. It is managed by software so the whole processes can be customized and managed easily. It will be like having robots to control the application of adhesive so it will not be difficult to get high level of precision. There is robotic technology called as Cobots and it can be programmed to follow certain patterns or movements in appling the glues.

Easy Operation of the Technology

Since it utilizes the robotic technology with automated system, repeated adhesive application can be conducted well. Each part will have same level of adhesive. In this case, the adhesive application technology is easy to operate. It has simple interface so adjusting and setting the whole parts will be very easy to do. Even, it can be integrated with the integration kit from Robatech. This can increase the effectiveness of manufacturing greatly and it will require fewer operators because the processes can be made automatically.